English translation:

Hi! You don’t know, but I speak chinese! I have been learning it since I was 4 years old.

Happy new year! This year is the year of the dog. Dog year is my year, because I am almost twelve(I will be in July).

Yep, I know Chinese! It’s really fun, learning it. Oh, if I messed up at all with my chinese above, don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments! I want to get better!

For the non-chinese speakers, here are some basic new-year phrases in chinese!

Chinese words-Pinyin-pronounciation-meaning

恭喜发财      Gong xi fa cai      Gung chee fa tsai     May you be wealthy and happy this year

新年好         Xin nian hao            Sheen niyan how  Happy new year!

大吉大利      Da ji da li                   Da jee da lee          May you have great luck and profit!

Tell me if you want me to post more chinese phrases! I also have some sites that I go to to find good chinese stories and learn more chinese. I would be happy to share them! Just ask.

Happy Chinese New Year from Maman&Fille!