Maman & Fille

Living in Paris. Travelling around the world. Sharing our experiences.

About Maman and Fille

Maman and Fille is all about travelling, experiencing, and discovering Paris, Europe, and the world! Our intent is to share our amazing experiences, and provide useful information (or inspiration) for everybody to enjoy.

We were in Paris 2017-2018, and we loved it so much we came back for a second year!  And a third year!

Maman and Fille have travelled together before to China, England, Canada, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Mexico, and throughout the Western US.   Papa is with us as well, but isn’t participating in blogging.  We’ll have to write a few posts for/about him!

If you enjoy reading about Paris, tips, and the adventures of Maman and Fille, why don’t you go check out our instagram?!

To see daily pictures of life in Paris, and exclusive photos we aren’t showing on our blog, go follow maman.and.fille on instagram!

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