Happy Pi Day, everyone!

Pi day has a lot of significance… it’s the sign that represents the ratio of a circle’s  circumference to it’s diameter, an excuse to pig . out on pie, and Albert Einstein’s birthday!

This March 14th, Stephen Hawking passed away. He is known for his contributions to astro-physics, including blackholes(and how they aren’t always black). He will be greatly missed. RIP.

Pi day in PAris for us went like this:

When I finished school I wasn’t feeling very well so we skipped rowing. We took the 80 bus(which passes the Eiffel tower) to Place De Clichy and then walked home. I did my homework, we watched some TV. I drew a pie(A picture of it will update in a day or two)

We then went and got some pies(tarts, actually, but it counts) from La Princesse, the bakery at the end of our street.  They were great! And pie-ish.

Also, there’s a you-tuber that I like, who posts Pi day rants every March 14th. She’s called Vi Hart. Go check her youtube channel out! I really like it.

Also, on Spotify, if you search Pi Day, there’s a playlist of songs that is really cool. It stary with Three little birds, then This is the Point, and then One, and so on. Do you see the pattern in the song titles? Check it out!


So that was Pi day for us! Celebrate it!