Are you wearing a Fitbit or other tracking device right now?  Do you check your iPhone for how many steps you have taken?

Unless you are completely cut-off from modern civilization you will have heard the recommendation to walk at least 10,000 steps per day.   Also, you or friends or family, may anxiously check their tracker to see if they have met the goal.  Maybe the recommendation is a helpful maybe not.  As with all recommendations related to weight and exercise there are competing opinions.  It seems reasonable though to think that walking 10,000 steps per day is better than not walking.

One of the many things I love about Paris is that just by doing my everyday activities, and not having a car, on most days I walk 10,000 steps per day.  Some days I even hit 20,000, though those are days when I make an extra effort like working out on the track while fille is rowing.

Grocery shopping?  About 2,000 steps.

Taking fille to ballet class, swim practice or rowing? About 3,500 steps.

Taking fille to school and back?  About 6,000 steps.

Given that I shop almost every day, she goes to school (she started just recently) every weekday, and has an after-school class every day you can see how getting to 10,000 steps is easy.  Once or twice a week I even do over 20,000 steps!

Also, check out the day I walked up 55 floors!



Back in California, all of this was done by car.  Some days I would be in the car 2 to 3 hours.  What would my step count be?  Most days, less than 1,000.    And even with the best of intentions, after working all day and driving for hours, most days I didn’t have the time or energy to go for a walk.

Take a look at the difference before when we arrived in Paris September and after September!


Just another reason why I will miss Paris when we go back home.   And, another reason to come back.  : )