Super U is SUPER! Its a discount grocery store in the 17th.   Sadly, I made what will be one of my last trips to the Super U today since we will be moving on this weekend to the 15th arrondissement.


In addition to the groceries, household goods, hardware, fresh produce etc. they also have a bakery.

They have deals every day! This is the usual price for pain au chocolat though.


The lady who runs the bakery counter is SUPER sweet!

Today,  I bought 8 freshly baked croissants for 2,45 euros!  They were on special today.  Usually they are 6 for 2,80 euros!  Still a bargain though.

The bakery also has excellent pain au chocolate and pain aux raisins all made in house. Oh, and last week, 5 pain chocolat, 5 pain au raisins, and 5 croissants all for 3,90 euros! There are other patisserie items as well – but we haven’t tried though and they look like they are defrosted rather than made in house.

What else can I saw about Super U?  The store doesn’t look that great from the outside, its on Rue de Clichy which not everyone finds attractive but the store provides great value for money (as the saying goes.)

They have their own house brand for just about everything.  It is a house brand you can trust.  Every Super U branded item I have tried has been excellent.  They also have a huge selection of organic items.  They have organic cheeses, yogurts, pastas, fruit and vegetables, frozen items etc.



Its not a pretty store, but if you live in the 17th or near it, give it a try.  Don’t be put off by its less than fancy looks.

Sadly it is one of only 2 Super U’s in Paris. There isn’t one near us in the 15th.  The other is in the 11th. (I don’t know if the store in the 11th has the bakery).  There are Super U express stores in Paris — but they are much smaller and don’t have an in-house bakery.

I am sad to be leaving the 17th for many reasons.  This is one of them!

Au revoir Super U!  : (