Today, my daughter went out on the Seine in a 2-person scull.   She joined the rowing club that I contacted before we got here.   See  Maman: L’aviron (How cool would it be to row on the Seine?)

The club is very different than the one my son rowed with in Northern California.   Its more laid back (the kids are younger also), and they are sculling not sweep-oar rowing.    I think its pretty cool (and brave) of her to go out on the Seine, sculling for the first time, and not speaking any French.  On land, I translate, but out on the water she is on her own.  Luckily, hand gestures are a universal language.   AnnaJulia says that the lead sculler in her boat would hold up one finger for one oar and two fingers for two oars.

Photos of getting the boats ready and also unloading.

Photos of the boats on the Seine.  It was a beautiful day!