I love animals… chickens are my favorites. Who could resist these cute little things?

But imagine a hen like this being forced into a huge room with no light and 1 200 other chickens! That’s what is called a factory farm. In a factory farm, the average chicken gets a spot approximately the size of an average sheet of paper, which is very unfair. Chickens beaks are cut off, inducing diseases, and chickens die every day. There are videos on youtube of farmers going over baby roosters with tractors because boys aren’t any use to egg farmers.

I urge you not to be a part of this terrible crime. In America, we never bought store eggs because we kept chickens of our own! Right now our American friends are kindly taking care of them until we get back. In France, with a lack of pet chickens, we get our eggs from the store. But there is a way to figure out where these eggs come from! Look at the packaging of an egg carton. On many, there is a little list that goes like this:

En Plein Air Bio

En Plein Air

Au Sol

Au cage

this translates to:

Outside organic


With access to sunlight

In Cage

Heres a picture of the little list:


The circled means that that is the condition.

BTW, the “Bio” in “Plein Air Bio” means that the hens weren’t given hormones or… anything not organic.

This is our go-to package:


As you can see, it’s “Plein Air Bio” and the eggs are from France.

Please consider getting eggs from well-cared for chickens!