Piscine Blomet is another one of the few 50 meter pools in Paris.   It is centrally located in the 15th arrondisement.  Unfortunately, it is slated for renovations so it will be closed soon.  I couldn’t find out exactly when, since it is now 2018 and the work was originally slated to start in 2017.  However, the swim team, Neptune Club, that practices in the pool will be swimming in other pools during the 2018-2019 season, so sometime soon!

Now for the details

Change rooms – The changing area is made up of three floors of changing cabins around a central area.  It is a pretty good system.  You need a 1 euro piece to engage the lock and remove the key.   The key does not have a number on it, so you do need to remember your cabin number.

Changing cabins. Three floors. Note the sign that says shoes not allowed past this point.

Lockers and Storage –  Since the whole cabin is yours for the duration of the swim and locked there isn’t any need for any storage lockers.  This makes the whole process of swimming a little easier since you aren’t lugging your stuff from the changing cabin to the lockers.

Pool size and Ambiance –  The pool gets good reviews because it is one of the few 50 meter pools in Paris.   It has a super high ceiling made of glass so it is bright and airy.  Hours are good but as with many of the Paris pools it is closed part of the day for school classes.  In addition, the Neptune club uses the pool in the evening hours many of the days.

Post swim showers –  The showers are single gender but as with all the showers in Paris we have seen, it very open to both genders so no naked showers.  On one of the days we were there the hot water wasn’t working.   It was very refreshing!

Special features – Post swim – There is no centrifuge for getting the water out of your suit.  Hair dryers are located a long ways away from the cabins.  Also, a long way from the cabins is the shoe removal area!


As always, here is a link to the city website with info about the hours and locations of the pools in Paris. For some reason Blomet is not appearing – we were there last week and it is was open – could it have closed in the meantime?  Link to Paris pool website

If you are a swimmer, let us know what you think about the pools in Paris!

UPDATE (Sept 2018).  The pool is closed for renovations until 2020!  Too bad!