One of my best friends gave me the 1st book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series for Christmas (thanks, Hanna!), and I just finished reading it!

The book itself is amazing. I would even compare it to Harry Potter(which is a big compliment in my perspective). But what’s even cooler is that in the book, there are scenes in Paris! The locations that Sophie and Dex go to are there in real life! For instance, they have to got to the Pont Alexandre III bridge, which is a real thing that you can go to! Sophie and Dex see the lanterns/lamps that are on that bridge, which are really there!

It’s true, the author did give the locations a little bit of writer’s license, adding elf magic to the bridge and such, but the bulk of that scene is there in real life. See? Here’s a picture of the real Pont Alexandre bridge.



Here are more shots of the book! Read it! My mom loved it too, and she usually doesn’t like kid’s books.

Doesn’t it look good? It does.