The metro stop closest to us which we use daily is La Fourche.   Eerily, we came to realize that when we got off coming from the north (so the  southbound train) at La Fourche:

  • Sometimes there were two flights of stairs to the exit, sometimes one.
  • Sometimes there two platforms, one for each direction and sometimes one.

What happened? Were we in the “twilight zone”?

Turns out there are TWO southbound platforms.

Coming home, for the first few weeks, by chance our southbound train always stopped at the lower platform, then for a few weeks the upper.  At first, we didn’t notice the change.  When we did it felt eerie…  like losing a bit of our mind.  “Didn’t we have to go up two flights of stairs before?”  “What happened to the other side of the platform?.”

Also, why didn’t we notice when we were getting on going southbound from La Fourche that there were two choices of platforms?

Well, one set of stairs is straight ahead from the entrance to the station.  The set of stairs to the other platform are a bit hidden off to the side.

So, then I wondered how do you know which platform to wait on when going south?

Well, the sign which we thought only tells you how long you have to wait, also tells you which platform the train is coming on.   Take the set of stairs in the direction of the blue arrow for the next train. 


Now we know.  And, next time I see a sign with a blue arrow, I may take a look around and see if there are some other stairs!