The french love to “fête“, that is party!  There is a charming street near us, Rue Biot, where the local merchants band together to organize street parties.  The most recent was a Fête de la Soupe.  Merchants on the street made soup and there was a tasting to determine the best soup.


Here is one of the organizers with his special soup spoon.


Here is the soup tasting. It was all in good fun and very informal.

Mamans favorites were:

  • Betterave soup  – an amazing lush and creamy beet soup
  • Traditional soup – the traditional French vegetable puree soup. The flavor brought back memories of the family I lived with in France while in high school.
  • Céleri-rave, roquefort, and poire soup –  A creamy celeriac, roquefort cheese and pear soup.  Sounds yummy doesn’t it?

Filles favorites were:

  • Minestrone soup – This was classic Italian.
  • Céleri-rave, roquefort, and poire soup – She liked it a lot even though it had a very strong flavor from the cheese.