When the white tents start appearing in Paris you know it will be fashion week soon.  Until we moved to Paris this week, I didn’t much pay attention to fashion week.   Living in Paris though, it is hard to miss.

Fashion week takes over some of the most iconic of locations in the city to hold the shows.  Large white tents are set up in outdoor locations such as gardens and rooftops for the shows.

Men Fall/Winter 2018 (1/16 to 1/21) and Women’s Haute Couture (1/22 to 1/25) just took place.   One of the most written about shows was Valentino’s last show which was held at the Rodin Museum.  Here are write-ups in Elle and Vogue.

We happened to visit the Rodin Museum the week before.  There was a HUGE structure being built in the back garden of the museum.  I asked one of the museum guards and he said it was for fashion. It was hard to believe. The structure was huge, solid, and completely surrounded the fountain at the back of the museum.

I didn’t take any photos of the structure for the runway show while it was being built but you can see a part (a very small part) of it in the background.

Call me unsophisticated or unworldly, but I have been amazed at the effort (and money) that goes into these shows. Of course, fashion is big business.   Perhaps you can get a feeling of the size of the structure build for the show while it was being taken down.

The next set of fashion week shows are 2/25 to 3/06/2018.   As it happens we will be in Barcelona for most of that time – for the business version of a fashion show.  We’ll be there for Mobile World Congress.