One thing I knew I was going to miss coming back to Paris was good Asian food.  Last year, we didn’t have many good Asian meals (more on that in another post).  Even in Chinatown (the 13th arrondisement was a bust – at least for us)!

Surprisingly, this time on a walk from the Opera to the Seine, we happened on Rue St. Anne in the 1st arrondisement.  It is a small street which is home to a dozen or so Japanese restaurants.

It is also home to K-Mart which is a Korean-Japanese grocery store.


Inside you can buy freshly made sushi mostly made from non-raw fish, as well as ingredients to make sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese and Korean food at home.  We bought some sushi and also made some miso soup using miso we bought from KMart.

In addition to KMart, the street has a dozen or so Japanese restaurants.  We haven’t tried any yet, but we are definitely going to go back and try some.  They seemed to be doing a good business which seems like a positive sign.  If you have been in Paris, you know that many of the Japanese restaurants are questionable — definitely hit or miss.