Mont d’Or is a cheese sold in a round box made of spruce wood.   It can also be sold by the slice though most of the time you will see it in a round box.    In France, it is made of raw milk.

I noticed it appear in the stores this winter.  And, in fact, it is a seasonal cheese that is usually available from roughly December to March.  I was curious and searched for info as to what to do with this cheese.

It is easy to find recipes for making Mont d’Or.  However, they aren’t really necessary since basically you add white wine and garlic cloves (or chopped) and bake it for about 30 minutes in the spruce box.   The box in France is usually stapled so it holds together.  If you have a box which is glued the glue may melt, so you will need to reinforce it.

The result is a wonderful  hot garlicky nutty gooey mess.


Serve the hot gooey mess with potatoes and sausages.  We also added some veggies – broccoli works well since the gooey cheese sticks nicely to the florets.