At the “vide-grenier” (empty attic — aka flea market) they had a “cotton-candy” stand. I offered to get some for Fille.  At the “cotton candy” stand they were out of the sticks that they used to wrap the “cotton candy” on and said it would be about 15 minutes until they got some more.   Then when I went back, they explained that I had to go buy a ticket for the “cotton candy” at the booth a few yards away.   So then I bought a ticket for “cotton candy”.  Then I brought it back and asked for “cotton candy”.

In each of these many conversations, in french of course, I understood everything except  the word for “cotton candy” – which is why I put it in quotes above.   Not surprisingly, it wasn’t something I had studied at University.   Each time, in the conversation they said what sounded like “bbbbbpppp”.  There was no way I could decipher what they were saying…and when I had to say it, I said “bbbbbpppp”.

Then, hurrah, I saw the canister they were using.   “Cotton candy” is “Barbe à Papa”.  The literal translation is “Dad’s beard”.  And, I just checked on google translate.. it understands the colloquialism and translates “Barbe à Papa” as “cotton candy” not “Dad’s beard”.


By the way, it was a super fun vide-grenier.  Everyone was very nice and friendly and even when we decided not to buy something from a vendor they were super friendly and polite.