We went to an amazing dinner and dance at the rowing club.  The food was exceptional.  and there were galettes des rois for dessert.  There was dancing with a DJ in charge of the music.  All ages from the tweens to the seniors participated and danced.  The rowing club is such a nice friendly group.   But they can also be wild.

At one point the anthem of the Bayonne rugby team started to play.  The team is called L’Aviron Bayonnais.  I don’t yet know what a rugby team has to do with rowing… but I’ll ask around.

When the anthem plays,  people sit down on the ground in a row with their hands in the air.  Then someone takes a of flying leap from about ten feet away toward the front of the row, and is handed along the row to the end.   It is wild, convivial, crazy and a lot of fun!  Take a look!

It is hard to tell from the still photos how wild it is.   Nonetheless I wanted to blog about it, since it is one of the most amazing parties I have ever been to.  Here is a link to the anthem but it doesn’t do justice to the experience.