This is a hard to find pool, but worth the effort!  The pool is located in the Bois de Boulogne near the race course.  In fact, it is so close to the race course, that when it is a racing day, the pool is closed.  Its a bit tricky to find the pool but just follow the signs.  You’ll have to go down some stairs and through a tunnel to get to it.  Here are some photos that may help.



Now for the details

Shoe removal – If you have been reading our posts you know that shoe removal is required at each pool at or near the changing areas and the process is different at each pool.   At Auteuil you are required to remove shoes right at the entrance.


Change rooms – The changing area is mixed gender with a large number of changing cubicles. The cubicles are small changing rooms are centrally located near the entrance.

Lockers and Storage –  After entering give your ticket in at the “cloakroom” window.  There is an attendant who gives you a hanger/basket to store your clothes.  After you get changed, you hand it back in and get an armband with the number.  There are no lockers with keys anywhere in the facility.

Pool size and Ambiance – The pool is 25 meters long and has about 5 to 6 lanes.  While we were there (a Sunday afternoon) one of the lanes was being used for classes.  There is also a second smaller pool which is probably primarily for children.  As opposed to Piscine Keller, it didn’t have any special water features.

Special features – Outdoor sunbathing area – There is an outside area which is mostly concrete with some grass that had sunbathers.  It looks easily accessible from poolside but we didn’t go.

Special features – Swimsuit vending machine  and Automated ticket entry –  We didn’t try either of these.  The swimsuit vending machines are fairly common in Paris pools.

Special features – Open air roof – Supposedly the roof opens.  The roof wasn’t open the day we were there even though it was a sunny warm day.  We didn’t know it was a feature of the pool so we didn’t even really look to see how it would work.

Post swim showers –  The showers are basic and for both men and women.

Special features – Post swim – Visit the lake and go for a boat ride!  It is an easy walk to the lakes in the Bois de Boulogne where you can rent a boat.

As always, here is a link to the city website with info about the hours and location of the pool.  Piscine d’Auteuil

UPDATE:  The pool is closed until March 2020 for renovation.  Check the website for updates on when it will reopen.