Cattier facial masks are our go-to facial product! We found it last year at our local Monoprix and have been using it ever since! The first mask we got was the green clay and mint mask, but we loved it so much we got a second… pink clay and rose! Argile is clay in french.

Here is an awesome (though very weird looking) photo of me wearing the masks!

IMG_4749 I have the mint-green clay mask on one side of my face (you can probably tell which), and the pink clay and rose mask on the other side. Cool backround, huh! It’s a shower curtain.

Below is what the tubes of mask look like:

IMG_4731 So, if you think your face needs some pampering, and you are in Paris(or willing to travel there just for some face masks that a 12 year old said was good), try out these facial masks!