We had our first major restaurant failure in Paris this year.  On the Rue du Cherche Midi in the 6th arrondisement we popped into a restaurant on a whim.  We didn’t look at the menu but the outside said something about vegan/vegetarian and since Fille is vegetarian and we were hungry we popped in.

The restaurant is called Apeti.   I have since looked at online reviews for the restaurant and they are definitely mixed.   I totally agree with the negative ones!  Honestly, I don’t know how someone could have liked the food.  As background, we do love vegan/vegetarian food and is what we eat at home much of the time.

Here is our review of the food.

The choices for lunch were very limited with three main courses. The plat du moment – daily special was not available. We weren’t that late in the day so I am not sure if it ever was available or they just ran out.

The three main courses were extremely uninspired – a hummus plate, avocado toast and a vegetable stew. We were most interested in the vegetable stew but also ordered the avocado toast so as to have some variety.


The avocado mash on the toast was so bland! It barely tasted of avocado and the dried tomatoes advertised on the menu were nowhere to be found! The dressing on the salad was also bland – I couldn’t even tell what it was – it could have been water! Everything was bland. The most exciting taste sensation was three tiny slivers of orange zest in the salad. It also seemed way overpriced at 16 euros for two small pieces of toast and a small handful of lettuce leaves and 10 radish slices.

Avocado toast with a handful of lettuce and some radish slices.
Close up of the avocado toast. Do you see any dried tomatoes? There are a few tiny tiny bits of red — not enough to add any flavor to the mashed avocado.

The stew was much much better and also a more substantial meal. However it also needed some more spices and some of the rice was crunchy.. either undercooked or dried (it was hard to tell).

The stew. All I can say is that it was better than the avocado toast. Looking at the picture, don’t you think they could do a better job of plating?

The menu does vary it seems so perhaps we were just unlucky.  Though at least one of the reviews I read was for the avocado toast and it even looked the same in their photo.  Pleeeeze.   Mashed avocado with a couple of slices of shallot and some alfalfa sprouts?  I wouldn’t have been happy with it for any price let alone 16 euros!  As mentioned the menu was limited and we didn’t try the appetizers.  However, I doubt we would have been happier since as we were about to leave we overheard negative comments about the soup of the day (cauliflower) from other patrons.