I am ashamed to admit, the first time we went to the pool, after we got to the lobby we turned around and went back out without swimming. It was just such a sad and ugly looking place.

Piscine Keller is located in the Beaugrenelle area of Paris in the 15th arrondissement.    The building housing the pool doesn’t look like much from the outside or even inside the entry-way.   Also, the Beaugrenelle area is one of my least favorite in Paris, with a big shopping mall and chain stores.   The architecture of the area is a mish-mash of incredibly ugly 60s and 70s modern and classic Paris.  For me, the modern malls and architecture of the 60s and 70s doesn’t work.


Not going the first time was a mistake!  Sort of.

Later that week, I reread the very positive reviews of the pool.  Since we had a goal to visit as many different pools as possible, we went back another day.

That was the right thing to do!

Even if we didn’t have our goal,  the live-stream video in the lobby convinced us.  The roof was open! We could swim in the free air and sunshine!

Now for the details

Change rooms – The changing area is mixed gender with a large number of changing cubicles. The cubicles are of the type where you go in one side, change, then go out the pool side.

Special features – Easy shoe removal – In all pools you need to remove your shoes before getting to the changing area.  In some, the shoe removal is far removed from the change area (ha ha).  This forces you to hobble a long way carrying swim gear and shoes and towel.  Here it was right outside the changing area!  +1 for Keller!


Lockers and storage –  After you get changed, there is an area of lockers.   They are free. You select a locker and follow the instructions on the panel in the center of the lockers.  The instructions ask you to input the locker number and a password.  No need to carry around a key.

Special features – Extra lockers – There are also a very few lockers before the cubicles that require a 1 Euro coin (which is returned) and from which you get a key on a band.  There really isn’t a need to use them.  There are also lockers poolside using the same system.  I suppose if you wanted to take your phone up to the pool, you could store it there.

Pool size and ambiance –  The pool gets good reviews because it is one of the few 50 meter pools in Paris.   With the roof open it feels really light and airy. While swimming you can see the super tall ugly apartment buildings that surround the pool.  There are also a few chaise lounges with not much room for those that want to sunbathe.

Special features – Retractable roof –  Need I say more?  In early June, on a reasonably warm day the roof was open.  I don’t know how warm it has to be for them to open up the pool to the sky, but I suppose one can call and find out if it is open.

Special features – Fun pool – There is a smaller, warmer and very shallow second pool.  It has some fun water features that kids would like.  While we were there (early evening), there weren’t many kids but I can imagine it being popular at times.

Post swim showers –  The showers are a little dark and not very pleasant.  The shower area is mixed, men and women.  So slightly odd if there happen to only be men there at the time. Water temperature was fine.

Special features – Post swim – There is no centrifuge for getting the water out of your suit, but there are the usual hair dryers.


As always, here is a link to the city website with info about the hours and location of the pool.  Piscine Keller