Paris is not known for its Asian cuisine so we stopped for Pho and Pad Thai on the way to Paris.  Well, not really.  We were in Toronto to visit family before heading out to Paris.

The restaurant is called Hung Long.  The name may not be great but the food is.   It is located near the intersection of Wilson Ave and Keele St.   The location is an unassuming typical strip mall, but it is a really excellent Thai/Vietnamese/Malaysian restaurant.  As evidence, the restaurant was full on a rainy Tuesday night!


The menu is extensive with sections for Pho, Thai and Malaysian.  Between us we had P13 Pho with beef brisket,  Basil Eggplant and T5 “Stir fried vegetable on thick noodle with egg and oyster sauce”.  All were excellent and (for Toronto) reasonably priced.  There are also specials of the day.

Basil Eggplant
Beef Brisket Pho


We found it by just driving by!  Searching on the web for best restaurants near me didn’t show much of interest and the one place we drove to based on the web reviews looked absolutely terrible.  So just remember, let some serendipity into your life – and don’t just rely on Google.

The daily specials. The restaurant looks empty — but it was not. I happened to take the picture just as the tables were cleared and the next groups were about to be seated.

Even though this is a very positive review, I am saying don’t go out of your way to visit the restaurant because it is in the middle of nowhere.  But if you are near there anyway, give it a try!

And, if you want fast-casual Thai available throughout Canada, check out Fille’s blog about the Thai Express.