Hello again!

In the first full week of school, I went to Lozere for a school trip! Lozere is in the South of France, and I went there with most of the other my-age kids in my school!

It was SO much fun! Here were a few of my favorite things there:

  1. Zip-lining high across a canyon– On my last day of activities, I went rock climbing and then zip-lined across a canyon! What a rush! The views were amazing from up there. I don’t love rock climbing, but the views and zip-lining made it worth it. There was also a wood- rope bridge that was really fun, because I could clip my bungee cord onto the side and dangle off the side of the bridge! There it is!

CS trip 15

I’m the girl at the front.

2. Obstacle course in the trees– This was one of my favorite parts of the trip… There was a whole obstacle course, all up in the woods of Lozere, including a ropes course, a ladder, some mini zip lines, and slide into a rope bouncy net thing. Here it is:

CS trip 6

That’s me in the light blue shirt with my hands raised. Here’s another picture (again, I’m in the blue shirt, at the front).

CS trip 8

Cool, huh! However, my favorite part was something called the Angel Dive, which is a bungee jump off of a 15 meter point. Unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures of that. As you may know, I love bungee jumping (about a year ago I did a different post on it) , and this was SO much fun!

3. Seeing Wolves up close– We went to Gevaudan Wolf Park! Even though some wolf parks don’t give the beautiful animals as much space as they need, that was not the case, here! Gevaudan wolf park works to provide a chance to learn about the wolf, which is now a protected species, and to help clear the jaded image of this misunderstood animal, the villain in so many stories and legends.


Honourable mention– White Water Rafting was super fun, but we couldn’t get any pictures (for obvious reasons…water…), so I didn’t mention it in detail.