Having recently written about some of our favorite children’s books by Julia Donaldson in “A Squash and a Squeeze”, I was reminded of another of my favorite children’s books. This favorite even has a French connection!

The english version of the book is called “Press Here!”.

The french version of the book is called simply “Un Livre”.

Herve Tullet is a French author who lives in France and the US. This book (I think it was his first), is such a joy to read as an adult. And we all want to be reading kids books that we enjoy right? (I haven’t read the french version but I bet it would be an easy read for little kids learning french).

Each page asks the reader to do one simple thing, like “press here.” On the next page something has happened as a result. For example, the one yellow dot is now TWO yellow dots. Or if you shake the book, the dots fall to the bottom of the page.

What do I like about the book?

The simplicity! It is hilariously simple. Press here!

The juxtaposition of static and active. When you make a change to the flat static book, something active happens – well ‘sort of’ active. It isn’t an “open the flap” kind of book. The “active” happens in your (and your child’s) mind!

What about Herve Tullet? He seems like a kick! However, I looked briefly at one of his other books and wasn’t impressed. Maybe I need to look at some other of his books next time I am in a bookstore!

Let me know if you like this book!