There are still 100 stairs from the lobby to our apartment and the elevator is still not repaired.  The elevator was scheduled to be repaired  Wednesday, Sept 27.  Finally today, and only today,  a handwritten note appeared saying “pas avant le 6 Oct” (not before Oct 6).


In a previous post,  I wrote  “No one in the building seems terribly bothered by the 10 days it takes to fix the elevator (except possibly the concierge who has to deliver the mail, vacuum the carpet on the stairs etc.). ”  Well people are getting bothered.   There are two apartments per floor and there are only six floors in the building – so only two apartments have it worse than us and there are a total of twelve apartments affected. However, someone did write that this was “inacceptable” (unacceptable) and “aucune confiance”  (basically no confidence that the elevator company will deliver a repair on time).