Who was that person who thought twenty-five flights of stairs was a lot?  That was me a week ago.  However, my perspective (and ability to climb stairs) has been updated.   As an example, today, and the day isn’t over yet, I have done fifty flights of stairs.   As you have probably guessed, the elevator still isn’t fixed. : (

Saturday, September 30, 2017

One day, I am going to try for 102, the number of floors in the Empire State Building.   And after that,  the CN Tower in Toronto which has 1,776 steps (which translates to about 144 floors according to the Canadian Stair climbing association).   I may try to do it on the weekend of Nov 4-5, the weekend during which the United Way has a fundraising challenge of climbing the steps of the tower.  Well, maybe not.   144 floors is VERY daunting.