Sunday, October 1st 2017, was Paris’s third annual car-free day.  The entire city inside the Périphérique (the ring road around Paris) was empty of cars from 11am to 6pm.   Our plan was to wander the empty streets, hit some iconic Paris locations and take photos of the car-free streets.

Well, there were still a surprising amount of cars (cars were allowed in special cases) and there seemed to be a lot of special cases.   However it was a fun day wandering in central Paris with hardly any cars. We also got a few good photos of car-free streets.

My favorite photo is of the relatively empty Arc de Triomphe.

And, as it happens, since it was Fall Fashion Week we happened on a runway show.  It was the first ever on the Champs-Élysées (details to follow in another post).

On our way, home, in the 17th, our neighborhood, we also happened upon a completely closed street set up like a block party.  There were ping-pong tables and badminton,  face-painting and cotton candy. IMG_5123