Its a long walk to the Seine – or at least it seems that way.  We walked it for the second time yesterday.  The closest point is Pont Alexandre III and Google estimates the walk at about 45 minutes – which is about how long it takes us.

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 7.38.56 PM

I have to admit I wish it were closer.  Its just a bit too far away for a leisurely stroll down to the Seine.  We knew that when choosing this apartment.  There weren’t a lot of choices and the trade-off  for not being closer to the Seine was that this apartment is bigger and on the 5th floor with lots of light and lots of windows.

There is a Metro stop for Les Invalides which is a stop on our line (so no need to switch metro lines).  And yesterday, we discovered an almost hidden Metro entrance to the Les Invalides stop down at the Seine at the Pont Alexandre III.   Doesn’t look like a Metro entrance does it?  There was a small sign nearby (second photo).  Reflected in the sign you can see Pont Alexandre III.

And, here are some photos of us near the bridge.