There are 100 stairs from our lobby to the apartment.   AJ counted.   The good thing is that the stairs in our apartment are much easier to walk up and down than those in our temporary apartment. 


The elevator will be fixed on Wednesday.   Yesterday, a regular day where I tried to avoid going out of the apartment except for three necessary trips (bank, rowing, dinner), I walked up 25 flights of stairs.   Looking back at the post from our first day in the new apartment, I walked up 25 flights that day as well (except it was with luggage).

Where do the extra stairs come from?  Any trip on the metro results in walking up at least two flights of stairs.  If you change metro lines that is probably another two flights right there.

No one in the building seems terribly bothered by the 10 days it takes to fix the elevator (except possibly the concierge who has to deliver the mail, vacuum the carpet on the stairs etc.).   In fact, the owner of the apartment says he doesn’t bother with the elevator and usually takes the stairs.

There are gyms here in Paris and I do sometimes see joggers.  But in a typical Parisian’s everyday life – they get a lot of exercise.