HThis weekend was the annual Fête des Jardins à Paris.    There are activities in the parks, talks and tours, and access to private gardens that are not usually open.  It was well organized and not overly crowded.  Here is the link to the programme organized by arrondisement (I am not sure the link will continue to work once the event is over).

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 7.31.56 PM

One of the coolest things they had was an event where kids could try climbing trees in the same way that arborists do.  Unfortunately, at the Parc Monceau, it was full by the time we got there.  AJ did however pot (rempotage) a coleus plant and a thyme plant to bring home.

There’s always something fun going on in Paris.   This weekend we had the choice of the Fête des Jardins,  down by the Seine there was a Food expo (la Fête de la Gastronomie) with foods from around the world, also a longboard (skateboard) event, and a techno music event.

How are we finding out about these events?   The website (and weekly email) from the Paris City Hall/Mayor’s office is super helpful.   Que faire à Paris ce week-end?