Our temporary home in the Batignolles area of Paris was on the second floor up two narrow winding flights of stairs. Note, the second floor in France is up two flights since the first floor is the ground floor (le rez-de-chaussée).  

While we were moving out,  as I went up and down the stairs, I though about how I would miss the very cute and very ancient stairs.

Then we walked (partially uphill) the six blocks to our permanent apartment also in the Batignolles area.  During the walk, starting to get tired, I was thinking how happy I was that our new apartment, on the fifth floor, had an elevator.

We arrived to find that the elevator was broken AND would not be fixed for ten days. Everyone keeps saying the delay is the French way…

How many flights of stairs did I go up yesterday?  All in (including a two trips on the metro),  twenty-five flights of stairs.