The menu for Christmas lunch at Fille’s school is as impressive as any Christmas lunch or dinner I could put together!

There are a variety of foie gras and salmon dishes as appetizers. Students get to choose. For the main course, there is a choice of lamb, fish or capon. Finally, a choice of three desserts and a cheese plate to finish off the meal! The only thing missing from an excellent festive meal that an adult would be happy to enjoy is the wines… but this is middle/high school after all!

We’ve posted before about school lunches I did a previous post on all the elements I liked about them. Maman’s post on french school lunches. Fille also posted on how she prefers them to what is available in our old school district in California. Fille’s post comparing her US and French school experiences.

When they saw this menu, a friend asked if it is a public school. Yes, it is a public school. School is free (with no requests for parents to contribute and no fundraising). There are fees for lunch which are paid on a sliding scale based on income from a nominal amount (roughly the equivalent of 15 cents) to the top amount (roughly the equivalent of $8) which is what we pay. I think its worth every penny!