If you are in the 15th there is a cute little Christmas market in front of city hall until the 23rd of December, 2018. There are about 15-20 stalls. A few food places (crepes, tacos!), a few gift places. What is nice is that they try to have vendors which are local businesses. So by shopping at the market you get to know your local vendors.

There is also a carousel.

The decorations the city has put up are really nice! The mayor in his opening statements said that last year the market was voted the best christmas market in Paris! I didn’t catch by what criteria – possibly for decorations since they are amazing!

The decorations are so nice, I recommend it as a great backdrop for Christmas photos.  In fact, I often see people taking pictures and a friendly (and romantic!) couple asked me to take a picture of them one night.

There are also sometimes a sad little donkey and horse.

In summary, I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit but if you are close by in the 15th arrondissement the Christmas market and Christmas decorations are worth a stop. The closest metro stop is Vaugirard but Commerce is pretty close also. While the market will close on the 23rd, the decorations will stay up for a while longer.

At the “inauguration” of the market last Saturday, there was a concert by local school children as well as hot chocolate and cake! Take a look at the amazing cakes!

If you don’t make it this year, then there is always next year!