There are lots of ways to acquire a Christmas tree.

  • Here in Paris, bringing home the Christmas tree involves going to the market, florist, or grocery store and buying one.
  • Where we lived in California the options were a Christmas tree lot set up for a local cause (catholic school, boy scouts) or a big box store (Home Depot).
  • In Canada near my brother, bringing home the Christmas tree involves going to a Christmas tree farm and cutting down a tree.
  • I suppose a final alternative, if you own a piece of forest with the right kind of tree, is just to go out into the woods and cut one down.

Which do I like best? Paris!

I love being able to walk between a few vendors and choosing the one we want. I love looking at the teeny tiny 2 ft tall trees that are common here!

Who brought it home? As we did last year, we picked out our Christmas tree today at the local market. Dad and Fille (well mostly Fille!) then carried it home. What kind of tree did we buy? A big one.

It was so tall that in our new apartment building it didn’t fit into the elevator and had to be carried up the stairs to the apartment. It is all set up but waiting for guests who arrive on Saturday. Then we’ll decorate!

Loving Christmas in Paris!