Fille is back at school and signed up again for lunches.  The school posts the lunches in advance every week.  Here are some of the lunches this week. I am so very envious! (The translations are the automatic translation from Google but you get the idea).

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Every day and every week is different:   There is a huge variety in what they are served.

Multiple courses:  Just like any good french restaurant, there is an entree (appetizer), plat (main course) and dessert and cheese course.

Cheese course:  In the country of over 400 cheeses, each day is different.  Some examples this week are Saint-Paulin (creamy mild semi-soft cheese) or Cantal (a firm cheese whose flavor is stronger with age and tastes like a cross between a cheddar and swiss).

Price:  We pay the highest tariff (7 euros per meal) but depending on your financial circumstances, the cost can be as low as 13 cents per meal!

Made from scratch:  Need I say more?

Water:  No sodas, juices or anything other than water to drink!

So, in addition to being envious, as a parent, I am thrilled to a) not have to make lunch and b) that she is getting a healthy, substantial meal every day.

Fille is happy as well.  Here is her post from last year!