I have some opinions on French schools versus American schools. Here they are!

Cafeteria Food

At my school in America, we got school lunch from the Hot Lunch brand. And from my experience, it was terrible. Until a year ago, the containers that they put hot lunch in were wasteful and yucky, and they aren’t much better now. The food itself isn’t great, and they don’t give even a sliver of dessert(at least the few times I got hot lunch) because they say it’s unhealthy.

In Camille See, my French school, all cafeteria cutlery and plates are reused, because they are real plates and cutlery, not plastic. The food is all school-made by the cafeteria crew, and they provide gluten free and vegetarian options each day. The food that they provide is actually healthy, and so every day we get a small dessert, like a small slice of black forest cake! Here is what I had to eat one day:

Mixed veggies(chopped potatoes, peppers, and green bean stir fry), peach yogurt, fruit, water, and a few small chocolates!


And now compare that to my elementary school’s “Hot lunch”.

Pizza, carrot sticks, and milk


Math Classes

In America, the 5th grade math class was split into groups… based on your math skills. It’s nice, because the teacher has more time for you and your group, and it’s more challenging and more fun!

Unfortunately, at least in my school, there isn’t anything like that.The NF class(Non Francophone) has a pretty awful math class, since it’s people from all over the world at different levels of math. The teacher isn’t super attentive.

In my integration math class, it’s a lot better, but not perfect.

American school wins!

And finally… People!

In American school, it’s definitely much easier to talk to people, because… you know, you speak their language fluently. It’s easier to understand what they are saying, talk to them, and get to know them better, and therefore easier to make friends without a language barrier.

On the other hand, in French school, if you are in a non-francophone class, you get to meet people from all around the globe! I have 2 brazilian friends, a friend from thailand, and one from China! It’s amazing to learn their story, and hear about their country.

Even if you aren’t in a NF class, you still get to meet and talk to people from France!

So it depends whether you like to be able to find friends a little more easily, or meet and befriend people from France and the rest of the world and learn their story.

As far as I can tell, French people in general, are about as nice as Americans.

So I guess you can decide who wins based on your opinions! You can keep it to yourself, or tell the world in the comments below! And remember to hit the thumbs up button and follow us if you are new to Maman&Fille.

Thank you! Here’s a picture of my french school!