Square St. Lambert is just across from fille’s school in the 15th arrondisement.  I love this park because it is a classic french park.  There are seniors sitting on benches, children riding scooters on the paths, and on sunny days, people of all ages sunning themselves.

The park is arranged with two large central lawns with a fountain in back.   Here are some views from different seasons.  In the winter, the fountain is drained of water and shut down.

Along the sides are sculpted trees and in the center manicured flower beds.

The children’s playground is to the side and is split into three areas: a section with play structures such as swings and slides, a circular sandpit with roof for wet weather and an open-air theatre (for Guignol).  Off to the side is a carousel (I don’t know what hours it is open).

The fountain is large and surrounded by a high wall.  The wall is covered in climbing roses, wisteria, and ivy.  Along side the wall are gorgeous flowers in planters.  If you look carefully in the first picture you can see the Eiffel tower.

The park was designed and built in 1933 in the art deco style of the period.

Off to the side is a bandshell which hosts concerts in the spring and summer.


There is something for everyone in this peaceful park. If you are in the 15th, I recommend you take some time to visit this classic french park!