Today the gardener’s were hard at work at St. Lambert Square putting in new plantings.  I took a walk over to see what they were planting and noticed that they were planting vegetables as well as flowers.  Now many parks have community gardens including the some of the parks I have already written about.  But this is different.

The vegetables were going straight into the planting beds that normally hold flowers.

What vegetables?  – I saw beans, tomatoes, herbs, peas, beans, swiss chard and squash.


Who will eat them? –  I don’t know!  It is a highly frequented park with lots of kids. It is hard to believe they won’t have the urge to taste a tomato or pea!

How does it look? –  They have a cool design where each long planting bed is split into thirds.   One-third is vegetables or flowers,  two-thirds are the other type.


They also put out some large planters. Notice the cool little truck they have as well!



Pretty cool!

Planting fruits and vegetables seems it might be a thing in Paris.  I am led to surmise this because, surprisingly later today, I happened on a park I had not yet been to –  Jardin Catherine-Labouré – and it had a grape arbor and a whole section of raspberry plants as well as a variety of fruit trees.

Who gets to eat the vegetables and fruits in the Paris parks? If you know, let me know in a comment below!