Au Bout Du Champ  is a farmer to consumer vegetable and fruit shop.  Our local Batignolles neighborhood store is located on the Rue des Dames.  They also have a few locations elsewhere in Paris.  IMG_9999

Every time I go into the store I feel transported to the farmer’s field.  The produce is seasonal, local and direct from the farmers.


Right now (spring) the items that are most prominent are mushrooms (of all types) and asparagus (both green and white).  In the fall, pears and apples were prominent.   There are also usually potatoes, turnips, carrots, salad greens etc.


In the window, there are vignettes about the farmers whose produce is sold in the shop.


Here in the Batignolles area we are blessed with a great covered market (Marché des Batignolles) as well as a weekly organic market on Saturday mornings (Marché biologique des Batignolles).  However, it is nice to have this alternative.   Also, by the way, it is one of the few places to get fruits and vegetables late in the afternoon on Sundays!