Most people have taken down Christmas trees by now (January 22nd). What did they do with the ‘used’ Christmas tree in the city?

Paris has a program of recycling Christmas trees for compost. From the 26th of December to the 20th of January were 170 drop-off points available in the parks and gardens of the city where trees could be dropped off.

What do they do with the trees? They are ground up (broyer) and used for compost parks and gardens.

Our local drop-off point is in our local park (Square St. Lambert) so there is a lot of space so a lot of trees are collected and then ground up. For some reason, I find this very comforting.

In 2020, 115,252 trees were collected according to city hall. This year, so far the count is 95,000 but I imagine they haven’t finished their count. Paris is becoming more and more a green city with big projects underway and planned for planting more trees and increasing the green space (more on that later).

I love that we have our traditions now like dropping off the tree at our local park every year. Here is a photo from TWO years ago!