The Seine is supposed to reach is max flood state Wednesday or Thursday (January 26/27 2018).   Already it is close to the level of flooding that occurred in 2016.   Prior to that, the highest recorded flood state was in 1910.

Today we checked out (yet again), the level of the Seine.   In particular, we went and looked at the level at the Pont Alexandre III  where my favorite subway entrance can be found (to the Invalides metro stop)   Look at how much of the entrance is underwater!  There are flood doors inside in case you were wondering — big steel doors that can be closed in case of floods.

Once inside the entrance, you walk DOWN, two flights of stairs to the subway stop.  Give some thought to that!  The subway platform is two stories down from the Seine.  Those flood doors need to be TIGHT!  In fact, RER line C will be closed starting tomorrow (Wednesday 1/25) in the section where it runs through the Invalides station.

Also, if you look carefully, you can see the mark on the wall which shows the height of the Seine in 1910.  At the moment, the Seine is almost at 5 meters and expectations are that it could reach 5.7 meters.

And a few more shots of how high the Seine is.  It will be a while until the Bateaux Mouches start running again!