We found great snacks and a great view at the Galeries Lafayette store on the Blvd. Haussmann while on our shopping expedition for new shoes for AJ.  We decided to check out the Galeries Lafayette department store because  I had heard there was a good view from the top of the building.

Turns out there are 3 buildings.   The one with the view is La Coupole, so named because of the exquisite stained glass coupole (dome) it houses.  Here are some interior and exterior views.

To get to the view, you need to go to the 7th floor.   Since it is autumn, and not the tourist season it was pretty empty.  The view is nice but not awe inspiring.  You can easily see the Centre Pompidou,  the Eiffel Tower, the back of the Opera. If you look carefully and it is a clear day, off in the distance is La Defense.   We took some selfies with the Eiffel tower in the background and a few of the general views.  Note how beautiful the sky is!

Now to the snacks, there are a couple of nice but pricey places to eat on the 7th floor, but there is also a huge cafeteria on the 6th floor.  As with the view terrace, it was relatively empty but I would think that even on a busy summer day it would be a good place to stop.  There was a reasonable selection of reasonable food.  Not gourmet but good if you have a couple of hungry kids with you.  By the way, the best value seemed to be the fresh smoothie (3.5€) and the ice cream (2.5€ for 1 boule).   FYI,  a boule is a scoop.

Next time we’ll check out le Printemps which is nearby to Galeries Lafayette, and which also has a rooftop terrace.