La Rambla, the street our hotel is on, has a large sidewalk in the middle of the road that is home to many small restaurants and shops. Many tourists walk along the pathway, but it’s really fun anyway.

There are also three ice cream shops along there! There is one in particular that we love.

See for yourself!

They have both sorbet and ice cream, and it tastes amazing. As you can see in the largest picture, the shop has many different flavors including toblerone, mandarin orange, kiwi, and mango.

We got ice cream for dessert both days on our trip to Spain so far, and it has been great.

On the first day I got one scoop of coconut and one scoop of mango (see in the picture on the top right hand corner of the cluster). The coconut had real bits of shredded coconut in it, and the mango was amazing too. My dad got just one scoop of coconut, and my mom passed.

The next day I got a two scoop cone with one scoop of banana ice cream and one scoop of nutella ice cream. It also tasted great! My mom got a scoop of coconut(she loves coconut), and a scoop of Ferrero Rocher chocolate ice cream (we love Ferrero Rocher, as you have seen in our cake post.) I look forward to trying more flavors of ice cream from this shop!

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