We’ve written about tapas and ice cream in Barcelona, but which were our Fab Five Food experiences?

Ice Cream on La Rambla – There are at least three ice cream stands on La Rambla between Plaça de Catalunya and the Christopher Columbus statue at the beach end.  We only ever went to our favorite which is near the beach end.   Our fav flavors – Bonbon (Ferrero Rocher flavored),  Hazelnut (Avellana in Catalan), and Stracciatella (a vanilla/cream flavored ice cream with shaving of chocolate).  All YUM!



Juices from La Boqueria – Some days we went twice a day to the Boqueria just to get fresh juices.  There are a half dozen juice stalls clustered near the front to the right of the entrance.  There was one stall we liked the best (see photo) but the juices looked similar in each one and the pricing was usually similar.  Our fav flavors were anything with coconut, papaya-coconut mix, strawberry-coconut mix, pineapple-coconutmix, mango-pineapple, and strawberry-pineapple juice.  We never did understand the pricing.  One day it was 2€ for a juice, another day 2 for 1.5€, another day 2 for 2€ and finally on the last few days it was always 1€.   Oh, and they also have fresh fruit.



Tapas from a Pulperia – While we had a lot of yummy tapas this was one of our favs for the overall experience.  It felt like genuine neighborhood tapas place, with locals, old men and very few tourists, cheap but delicious food and friendly staff.   Its address is Bar Celta Pulperia,  Carrer Simo Oller, 308002 Barcelona.



Tapas from Ciudad Condal – The tapas here were exquisite and the decor gorgeous but the wait was hellish.  You give your name then wait, mostly standing room only, for over an hour.  As far as I can tell, the wait is never less and sometimes more.  So, because of the wait, our second fav tapas place.  Cerveceria Ciudad Condal, Rambla de Catalunya 19, 08007 Barcelona.



Breakfast at Hotel Arc La Rambla –  We loved the breakfasts at this hotel.  It was the only hotel we stayed at : ) so it may not be special compared to others but the food was good, the space was nice, and the service friendly.   The food was set out buffet style with both hot and cold selections, american and spanish foods, and fresh squeezed orange juice.  It made for a nice start to the day.  Otherwise, the hotel is decent, updated, and in a good location.  Hotel Arc La Rambla, 19, 08002 Barcelona.