This is a post about rum and raisin ice cream.  It is also indirectly a post about the quality of the food in France.

I bought a tub of rum and raisin ice cream at our local small grocery store.  It has always been one of my mother’s favorites and sometimes I feel like some as well.

I ate a bowl and noticed that the raisins were unusually plump and flavorful.  Juicy even.   I started to feel slightly woozy.  Curious, I looked at the label on top and it said no artificial flavors, “sans arôme artificiel”.


Well that explains my woozyness and the nice plump raisins.   As opposed to ice cream in the US this really is RUM and raisin ice cream.  The raisins are soaked in real rum.  So no artificial flavors.

Take a look at the ingredient list.  14% of the content is raisins soaked in rum (raisins macérés au rhum).  So overall, the alcohol content of the ice cream is 2.5%!  No wonder I felt woozy!