There was some sunshine on day 2 – both literally and figuratively.

I went to my favorite store – Naturenville (see earlier post as to why I love it) – to get some sweet potatoes. Since it is a (mostly) local seasonal fruit and vegetable provider it doesn’t always have everything in stock all the time. So when the sweet potatoes weren’t there in their usual place I was disappointed but not surprised.

But then, in a different part of the store I found a huge display of sweet potatoes. They had gotten in a bumper crop and had to move them elsewhere. I bought 10 big ones!

My other sunshine was that the oyster guy is back! He is seasonal as well. He appears in the fall and is there on Friday and Saturday nights through January, coinciding with the oyster season of course. Oysters weren’t in the plan for dinner but I bought 6 anyway just to celebrate. He heralds the beginning of the holiday season! You can read my previous post here!