Lockdown #2, Day 1.

I am having some trouble getting used to the idea of being in lockdown again until Dec 1 (and according to some, probably for longer). I wasn’t expecting this but did expect either an increased curfew or some other partial measure.

Clearly some people in Paris were anticipating the lockdown as evidenced by the line outside when I went to the Chinese food store the day prior to the announcement.

Others were not and rushed to get their internet/cell phones in order as evidenced by the line outside Bouygues an internet/cell phone provider.

Anyway, it is taking some time to get used to the idea that even the small things I could do – like a walk with a friend, a coffee (socially distanced and in an outside cafe) with a friend, a walk to the Seine (now too far to qualify within my 1km zone of exercise) or even a trip to the Chinese grocery store (now too far from home to qualify as essential grocery shopping) are off the table for the foreseeable future.

And for completeness, here also is a photo of the drained pool at the pool/water complex that I (used to) swim at (already closed of course since late September as it was from March – July. You can read about Aquaboulevard – Forest Hill which is my happy place here in this post. I hope it survives this lockdown. Clearly, it would have to be suffering financially from being closed March-June and again since September.

Stay safe!