Merry Christmas to everyone. Last night we had ” le Réveillon de Noël” – the Christmas dinner in France. It starts with oysters and seafood which we ordered from our local market and continues with multiple courses (including foie gras) into the wee hours of the morning. We only made it through about 3 1/2 courses of our 7 courses – so we didn’t make it to the Buche de Noël (Christmas log) which is the dessert at the end.



I was extremely impressed with how well set up France is for serving oysters and other seafood on Christmas eve!  France is the place to be for Christmas Eve dinner!  We placed our order with our favorite fishmonger the week before, but it would have been easy enough to pick up oysters that evening.  However, they would not have been shucked and nicely arranged on a platter.