While in Spain, we have had tapas every day so far!  Tapas are small snacks which you can order many of to combine to make a full meal in Spain.

I definitely have some favorites. Here they are!

Chipirones – baby squids that are usually lightly fried (Andalusian style) or in a tomato sauce (? style).

I was amazed by the baby squid’s ink!

It seemed a little bit cruel to me to eat baby squid (I’ve been pescatarian for 2 years), but they were really good.

Patatas Bravas – Potato slices with two aiolis… one spicy and one creamy

Oh, I loved this one. It may have been my favorite. Definitely try it out!

Pimientos de Padron – small peppers that come from Galicia, in the northern part of Spain. They’re fried in oil and salted, and end up with a burst of slightly bitter but still amazing flavor.


My parents like them more than I do, but I agree they are very good. You can find them in just about every restaurant in Barcelona. They are definitely worth trying!

Escalivada – Eggplant/vegetable tapas with goat cheese on top.  Though it is called Escalivada, it is sometimes transcribed in Spanish as escalibada.


It’s amazing. There are many types of vegetables underneath, but it’s mostly eggplant. The goat cheese, if done right, is warm and flavorful. Seeds on top of the goat cheese complete the tapa! I really like them, and recommend them especially if you don’t eat meat.

Those were my favorites, but here are some other good tapas that we’ve had!


Pulpo a la gallega – octopus cooked in boiling water, seasoned in paprika, and served hot in olive oil. Sometimes the octopus is a little rubbery, but with the right sauce, it’s really good.

Chorizo al vino – slowly cooked smoky chorizo sausage in red wine. I can’t eat these ones, but my parents like them.

Boquerones en vinagre are fresh anchovy fillets marinated in vinegar or a mixture of vinegar and olive oil, and seasoned with garlic and parsley. Maman loves them.

When in Spain, the first thing you should try is tapas! Like and comment if you have tried any of these tapas!