We’ve been so immersed in life in Paris we haven’t had a chance to write! We promise to catch up soon though.

In the meantime it is spring break back home and there are many visitors in town. They’ve pretty much done their own thing going to the usual top tourist attractions (Eiffel Tower, Musee d’Orsay, Catacombs, Luxembourg Gardens, Versailles etc.).

They have a bit of extra time, so I decided to put together a quick list of places to visit (still touristy) but a little off the well-trod tourist path. When I get more time, I’ll do a post on “hidden gems” – places to visit even farther off the well-trod tourist path.

Le Petit Palais – Nice late 1800s art (just before impressionism).  The museum is small and therefore doable in a short period of time.  Free.  Nice interior garden space and small cafe.  Usually we skip the temporary exhibits (not that interesting and require tickets).

Le Palais de Tokyo – Very very contemporary art near Eiffel Tower (on other side of Seine). Free.  Probably similar to contemporary art in SFO or NYC though.  Also has a great exhibit on electricity and also a huge Matisse mural. A little out of the way if you aren’t combining it with Eiffel Tower.

Galeries lafayette – Visit the Dome building.  Go up on terrace on the 7th floor.  Perhaps check out food building.  There are 3 buildings in all.

Passages Couvert – Nearby to Galeries Lafayette are “passages couvert” = small indoor malls from the early and late 18th century.  Very cute and charming.  Some have nice places to eat. Check out Passage Jouffroy or Passage Panorama or Passage Verdeau. They sort of connect.

Montmartre – Home of many films.   Sacre Coeur (usually very crowded).  Nice view over city from the terrace area.  Nice walk up the hill from the bottom of the hill of Sacre Coeur.  Nearby Place du Tertre (very touristy but interesting).  Also Musee de Montmartre (great history of Montmartre and also of some of the artists).  Usually has a really interesting temporary exhibit but don’t have one now it seems. You’ll also walk by Moulin Rouge area with its risque shops.

Walks: Take a walk along Seine near the Pont Alexandre III on the left bank (our side). Some fun places for kids to play and climb. In general walking down along Seine banks is always fun!