We happened to be in the 11th, for a pop-up plant sale (see post). As we walked down the street there was a inconspicuous and modest sign saying Alain Ducasse Chocolat.

I stopped in my tracks and took a look. There was a entryway through to a courtyard ending in a modern building. It would have been super easy to miss.

I wasn’t even sure I was in the right place and wasn’t sure the doors would open. But they did!

And inside was an amazing world of chocoloate with the nicest of ladies there to answer questions.

In a case down the middle of the store, various combinations of chocolates are displayed.

Off to the side behind glass walls is the manufacturing space. Manufacturing had ended for the day but the strong scent of chocolat lingered.

It was a warm day today so I was concerned about melting. No problem. They put our box of chocolates in an “isotherm” bag with a small frozen gel pack.

Here is what we bought – the smallest of the boxes for 19 euros and well worth it!

If you are in the 19th I HIGHLY recommend stopping in. You can buy these chocolates in a few other places in Paris (and in London and Tokyo) but much more fun to buy them on site where they were made.

Look carefully, you can see us in the shine of the plaque!